Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Outfit, Two Ways About It

Blouse: Eight Sixty
Tank: Ann Taylor
Shorts: J.Crew
Belt: Oscar
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Watch: Sophie Quartz

I took these photos with photo booth on my computer which is why they are so grainy. I thought I would share the pictures anyway. Above is my version of mono-chroming. This is a trend that I have wanted to try for a while now, but to my surprise, I did not have the capacity to do so (shopping justification…)!

Apart from the need (yes, need) to have monochroming as an option in my wardrobe, I've actually wanted these shorts for a while now, so I took the plunge. They're a bright purple (depicted best in photo 1) which is one of my all-time favorite colors to wear. Even though the purples contrast each other, they are in fact, all considered purples, so I cut myself (and wallet) and little slack and called it monochroming.

Do you monochrome? 
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