Sunday, February 5, 2012

"She Was Wearing Uggs"


Vest: J Crew. Cashmere Turtleneck: Lord & Taylor. Scarf: No Label (stolen from my mom). Jeans: J Brand. Bag: Maurizio Taiuti (Marshall's). Boots: Uggs (The Rack). Leather Gloves: Lord & Taylor (really old).

The "she was wearing Uggs"quote and title is from the above Sh*t fashion girls say video, cracks me up everytime. #obSESSED! So many good quotes.

I debated getting another pair of Uggs for a long time (mine were not in a presentable state after winter in Wisconsin, so I was forced to get rid of them), and I kept going back and forth about it, and there were multiple times when I would be rummaging through my closet wishing I could just pull on my trusty old Uggs! And then I found these ones at The Rack (Nordstrom) marked way down and thought it was a sign. I have gotten a lot of wear out of them this season with the lack of snow (I finally realized they really are not made for the snow) so I'm glad I snagged them up. 

Despite my reluctance to buy, I do think Uggs will be around for a while longer… they are just so easy to throw on, what do you think? Uggs: in or out?


  1. "..She was warm and confortable" :P

    Love this outfit! Your bag is beyond amazing!

  2. seems like you love animal prints! just like me :P
    love your bag!

    the STYLE Fringe

  3. LOVE that leopard print bag Casey - so cute! Uggs - I've not worn mine yet on the blog because I'm unsure too - in vs. out. But that being said, they are definitely just so easy to throw on with almost any casual outfit, and let's be honest - they are SO comfy :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Great casual outfit. Love the bag and boots!!

  5. That video is so funny! I love your bag! I only wear my Uggs inside because they are so comfy but not so stylish!

  6. Look how cute you are in your leopard, rock it girl.


  7. Oh my word, it's the pop of bright coral with the leopard print!

    <3 Cambria

  8. agreed - your bag is pretty amazing. I wear uggs because they are sooo comfortable and warm. They are cozy in winter time!


  9. LOVE that vest, girl! I'm a big fan of the puffer vest, but I only have two - black & brown. I'd love to get a few in fun colors.


  10. Your leopard print scarf and bag are so cute! I have a few pairs of Uggs and I've been leaving them off the blog on purpose since I think they're out. I still wear them when it's really cold out though. I don't care if they're not fashion forward, they keep my feet toasty!

    The Tiny Heart

  11. LOVEEEE the bag!!! Also I die laughing at that Shit Fashion Girls Says video. Part 2 is just as funny.

  12. the colour of your jumper really suits you! xx

  13. Your purse is the cutest! xo

  14. very nice!!!

    xoxo from moscow!


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