Sunday, December 15, 2013

Two Words: Zara Coats

Zara coats is where my money wants to go right now.

Unfortunately, I have put a moratorium on spending on anything other than Christmas gifts for the moment. This has been going on since mid-October and I've been pretty good re: dying. (Although I did have a minor, re: major, slip up on Cyber Monday, but I DID return everything. No harm, no foul.)

Alas, no harm in looking- right?

This plaid Zara coat is perfect for the holiday season.
1. Zara - $239

Bubble gum pink mohair coat from Zara, $189
2. Zara - $189

Need this mixed media coat from Zara, $139.
3. Zara - $139

Love this loop knit gray coat from Zara, $119.
4. Zara - $119

I think 1 and 3 are my favorites. I haven't been to a Zara in a while (part of my spending moratorium involves avoiding my favorite stores altogether to avoid temptation) so I'm really curious about how warm #3 is. Also, I kind of want to tell these models to cheer up.

If money were no object, which would you pick?

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