Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quick Tip: Favoriting Tweets on Twitter

Did you know that by favoriting tweets on Twitter you're essentially curating a list of tweets?

Consider what message you would like your curated list of tweets to say, and use that as your guide for deciding whether or not to click that star. Your list of favorite tweets can be found from your profile by clicking "favorites" on the left navigation rail and is viewable by anyone who is allowed to see your timeline.

Twitter Tip

If you're managing a Twitter account professionally, you can use the favorite tweet capability for branding. For example you might want to favorite tweets that mention your brand, company, or employees in a positive way.

Tweets worth favoriting for branding purposes:

  • A tweet that depicts your brand in a positive light. Ex: "Company X has great customer service", or "Company X has a blog full of great advice on XY and Z". 
  • When another user quotes you or one of your tweets.
  • If somebody shares a link to your site or content. (Consider giving them a retweet as well.)
  • When somebody gives a thoughtful reply to one of your tweets. (Also potentially worth a retweet too.)
  • A mention of a product or service that you offer.
  • A sentiment that aligns with your brand image such as a quote.
By following these guidelines, you will have a list of tweets that show off your hard work cultivating relationships and building your influence. Best part? It's ready to show off to potential customers or company stakeholders at a moment's notice.

As always on Twitter and other social platforms, be sure to check into the person's profile whose tweet, post, or status you are about to "favorite" or share. Avoid favoriting tweets from spammy accounts or personas that do not align with your brand image (or target audience personas).

What types of tweets do you add to your favorites or would you add to this list? Do you follow similar guidelines?


  1. I tend to remain fairly neutral on twitter, so favoriting tweets (especially re: politics) that really, strongly resonate with me is a way to support people doing the outspoken work, and also passively build a bit of those sentiments into my brand, without making it What I'm About On The Internet. Good tips!

    1. Thanks Kate, that's a great tip! I definitely do that on my personal account too. I'll have to check out your favorites :)



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